Puncture Repairs

Looking After Your Tyres Is Easy

Tyre maintenance is an important part of keeping your vehicle functioning and road worthy. Skilled, experienced and certified tyre technicians carry out the following tyre repair and maintenance services at PB Tyres:

  • Puncture Repairs.
  • Tyre Pressure Checks.
  • Wheel Balancing.
  • Wheel Alignment.
  • Tyre Fitting.

Puncture Repair

Where possible, PB Tyres will always try and repair your tyre as opposed to replacing it. If you do however, encounter a puncture, contact PB Tyres. Puncture repairs are carried out in accordance with BSAUI59 regulations.

Wheel Alignment

Misalignment can result in premature wear and tear. Correct alignment can extend tyre life by up to 25% and significantly reduce fuel consumption. Experts at PB Tyres are trained to recognise tyre wear patterns associated with faulty alignments. In addition, we supply and fit tyres at our depot in Golborne, Warrington.

Wheel Balancing

Wheels that are not balanced generally produce a vibration that is uncomfortable and results in premature wearing of suspension, steering components, rotating parts and tyres. PB Tyres have invested in the latest technology in order to provide you with exceptional quality service and customer care. For further information regarding tyre maintenance, contact today.

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